Daily Morning Devotions Together

Jim Rohn says, “Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.” I think this is often over looked. Through out my life I’ve tried on so many “new” diets, routines, or ways to form good habits and often I end up forgetting to do it. I’ve learned to do two things in those scenarios: first don’t beat myself up for not following through and second pick up right where I left off by doing it tomorrow. These two changes have tremendously changed what my daily habits have become.

Many of you already know that my faith is extremely important to me. As we all do, I’ve gone through seasons where I feel very close to God and other seasons where I either feel guilty for not connecting or forsaken like I’ve been forgotten. Since I was in middle school, I’ve both experienced and felt the power of God being able to intervene and work on my behalf in my life. For that, I’m forever grateful and it has kept my faith as a building block to all other area’s in my life.

So I wanted to share a rather large blessing in my life, I’ve recently been given. That is the early morning devotions with my wonderful husband Jake on our deck that overlooks the lake. I absolutely love being outside right before the sun starts to come up with the crisp air, birds chirping loudly, and an overwhelming sense of peace. It’s amazing! This early morning beauty is only a fraction of this blessing.

Around 6:15 am Jake and I take two towels (to sit on from the wet dew), our bible, and coffee after literally just rolling out of bed. We crawl up on the top of the deck’s ledge (there is a big railing, don’t worry, it’s safe), sit down on the towels and then just gaze out to enjoy the beauty of knowing it’s a brand NEW day! After about three or four minutes we usually share what’s on our minds or something we noticed in nature that we are taking joy in from. Shortly after we begin reading a devotion with scripture. This has been such a wonderful way to connect with one another but also see each other’s faith grow. Then we end it by talking to God out loud in prayer, just sharing what’s on our hearts or minds. It usually stems from our reading but often times it’s just us having a conversation with God.

Through out my life I’ve gone through a lot of pretty extreme ups and downs. Thankfully, I’ve had several people share with me they spent time praying for me. I can honestly say that I have felt each one of those. My level of  gratitude can not be expressed enough! The power of prayer is the MOST powerful tool we have and I know it’s what got me through challenging times like ending an unhealthy engagement two months before our wedding date, abruptly moving to new cities several times, being in the hospital multiple times in high school, obtaining sobriety, and so much more.

I NEVER imagined my life would come to such an incredible place. I’m definitely not saying my life is perfect or that seasons of being extremely challenged don’t exist- quite the opposite actually. I know that prior to this wonderful life with a husband I love and new family I’m so grateful for, developing good habits was so valuable to me. Looking back, spending 15-20 min in prayer or reading a devotion and journal was the most important habit I took the time to make.

Today, it still takes practicing that habit but it’s almost effortless. I can honestly say it’s brought more blessings into my life than I can count and totally worth the effort when it took more effort on a daily basis. What healthy habit are you practicing in your life?

With love,

Whitney Roehl


One thought on “Daily Morning Devotions Together

  1. Thanks for that sharing, Whitney. The days that we were able to share your devotion time with you in Hawaii, were memory makingly special…if that’s even a phrase. It was a time to redirect my focus for the day, be reminded of who ,I am and who loves me, and how many things in my life are good. It also gave us a huge insight to your, Jake and Paige’s hearts, which filled us with hope and inspiration.

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