I AM FREE: No Longer Trapped!

Today I am free and it feels incredible!

It’s a feeling that is full of many wonderful gifts locked into ONE.

A gift I never thought I’d experience.

But I kept BELIEVING, “there has to be more to life than this”.

More to constantly feeling stuck, discontent, and unsatisfied with my results.

Today, I’m so grateful for this gift because it’s a new way of living that is AMAZING!!

It was not given to me instead it required a willingness and 100% commitment.

Here are eight tremendous changes I have experienced from where I was to where I am now:

  1. I no longer am controlled by food or it being the highlight of my day. Instead it is fuel for my body with occasional “joy” eats.
  2. My life no longer revolves around planning when I can enjoy a glass of wine. Instead alcohol is no longer a desire of mine.
  3. I don’t eat to hide my uncomfortable emotions: stress, sadness, shame, etc. Instead I allow them to be present and embrace them with compassion.
  4. My cravings for sugar don’t cause me to stay at an undesirable weight. Instead I control when I want to eat it or not.
  5. I’m no longer overwhelmed with negative self talk and criticism. Instead I am aware when it occurs and change it.
  6. I no longer allow fear to have a tight grasp on my life choices. Instead I set goals that allows me to face fear as it comes up.
  7. My life is no longer full of feeling like the victim. Instead I choose how I want to feel about any circumstance.
  8. It’s not full of worry or anxiety which was a constant mind chatter. Instead I can sit quietly with myself or enjoy the presence of others.

I am FREE and so grateful I gave myself this gift.

It’s a new way of living from ONE choice I made differently.

A choice that is simple but NOT easy.

This choice was- I am worth it!

One day I had enough and decided “today I choose better”

It changed everything!

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for giving me the endurance to persevere through difficult times and to make these positive changes in my life. Thank you for helping me believe I am worthy and to not settle for less. I pray I continue to live a life that gives you glory. Amen.

With love,

Whitney R.




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